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Happy Birthday John! Thanks for posting.

Happy Birthday John.

Happy Birthday John. I’d just like to say, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge about the game. I’m actually surprised that you were able to get this far.

You’re welcome John. You’re welcome.

John’s Birthday is the day the game was released. The day of his birth.

As the game was released, John was born. And then as time goes on, he’s been around the game, growing up with it. He’s a developer who made a very active role in the game. As the day of his birth approaches, he’s trying to remember how he got here.

Deathloop is a stealthy game that takes place on a fictional island and uses the time-looping process to take out the Visionaries. The game was created by the same team that created the Thief franchise. The fact that the game comes out on the same day as the Thief games (which is usually on June 30th) is coincidental, but it serves to remind us that the games are very much connected.

Deathloop is part of the Thief franchise which means that it has a history of releasing on the same day as the Thief games. In fact, the Thief game used to be called Thief: Legacy, which is now the name of the game.

The fact that you can go back in time in Deathloop to the day that you were born means that it makes a lot of sense that all the Thief games would come out on the same day. Also, they used to be released on the same day, and that’s still the case.

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