June19 , 2024

Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin Investors Target Fezoo Exchange Presale for Major Gains


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The volatility in the cryptocurrency market has been high in recent months. It is making many investors redirect their funds to projects with a greater possibility of returns. That’s the case for Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin investors. Both now see Fezoo’s presale as a way to get higher profits.

The decentralized exchange platform arrived with a well-defined benefit structure for investors. Its rewards program is designed for the most active users in the project. The user focus is evident in its proposition, attracting traders from all over the world.

After a week of decline, Bitcoin Cash rises again, but transaction volume continues to fall

After an almost 30% drop in price within 14 days, Bitcoin Cash seems to have taken a breather. It eventually returned to the surface. Still, with slight growth, the token passed $490 after falling to almost $450 this week. Its daily transaction volume decreased by 9%, reaching approximately $414 million. The asset’s market value exceeded $9.7 billion, with an increase of almost 4.5%.

The token’s price has gone up and down this week. The Relative Strength Index still shows a moderate buy zone at 58.92. Moreover, the 50-day simple moving average suggests a medium-term uptrend. Forecasts for the asset are to exceed $800 per token by the end of this year.

Litecoin investors are optimistic about the arrival of Litecoin Summit 2024

Litecoin started the year on a high, probably because of the approval of Bitcoin ETFs. However, the last week was not so positive for Litecoin. After losing almost 4% of its value, it has risen slightly over the previous 24 hours. The market capitalization also increased a bit, standing at $6.2B.

The Litecoin Summit 2024 event keeps investors optimistic about the asset. The transaction volume over the last 24 hours has only marginally increased. The market expects that there will be announcements at this event that will increase the price of the token.

LTC is accepted in more than 2,500 places. Moreover, several networks are planning to adopt the token in P2P payments by 2030. Litecoin’s collaboration with Mastercard to launch a network card in the EU shows the asset’s potential. The token price is expected to exceed $100 this year.

Fezoo attracts investors looking for high earnings and passive income

A high-quality, safe, and advantage-filled platform, Fezoo’s Exchange, aims to offer a high-level trading experience with excellent design and an intuitive website. With low fees, instant deposits, and zero verification bureaucracy, the focus on user satisfaction is quite evident.

There are also exclusive advantages for investors, especially those who embrace the investment in its presale. Being sold for just $0.013, still in stage 1, the project is a good opportunity to earn passive income, as half of the trading fees will be distributed among investors.

Everything about Fezoo on the exchange website.