June19 , 2024

Value Generation from Airdrops Will Secure Octoblock’s Place In Top 100 Crypto


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Octoblock’s unique protocol design and enriched features are primed to propel it to the top 100 cryptocurrencies. With a clearly laid-out wealth-generating airdrop rewards scheme and tested initiatives, Octoblock strives to become the best crypto to buy in 2024.

Airdrops’ Boost To Octoblock’s Top Crypto Quest

Ordinary airdrops strive to reward token holders for their efforts in various activities. In contrast, Octoblock’s value-generation airdrops are investor-centric and ICO holders won’t be required to break a sweat to qualify. Its airdrops and rewards consider only OCTO token holdings.

USDC airdrops and a user-friendly approach will catalyze Octoblock’s rise to the top 100 cryptocurrencies’ rank. The innovative strategic distribution of USDC rewards to presale participants demonstrates a platform concerned with its investors’ welfare, thereby positioning the project for success propelled by contended investors in the competitive crypto arena. Aside from investor welfare, this innovative approach attracts capital inflow throughout its 14 ICO phases.

Exciting OCTO Giveaways and Airdrops

Octoblock’s ICO is live in the fourth phase at $0.038, giving a top-up bonus of 12% and opportunities for rewards and exciting giveaways throughout its ICO phases. From its schedule, the ICO will feature low prices in the early stages, rewarding early adopters with high bonuses. Octoblock’s OCTO tokens entitle holders to USDC airdrops and OCTO token rewards. Further, investors will automatically enter the Tesla draw, whose Tesla EV Model 3 prize will be drawn randomly. The more the OCTO tokens entered, the higher the holder’s chances. The prize, which can also be payable in USDC, will be unveiled before launch.

OCTO token holders will also benefit from high APY derived from ICO staking through the project’s Nautilus Trove. The Trove Invests ICO funds to generate sustainable profits for redistribution into investor wallets through airdrop rewards and charitable pursuits. Airdrops occur weekly, every Monday, with APY displayed on Octoblock’s website. The recent airdrops rate, as shown, is 165%, giving ICO holders great returns calculated proportionate to their OCTO portfolios.

The Tentacle Trust is the philanthropic wing of Octoblock that applies its 5% allocation to registered organizations such as those focusing on reducing carbon effects. Investors would be indirect contributors to environmental health via OCTO token purchases. WWF and Ocean Conservancy are examples of organizations that can benefit from the Tentacle Trust. The 5% allocation to the Saltwater Sweepstake funds a monthly draw as per the snapshot of holders and is payable in USDC. The prize determination will be based on the OCTO holdings’ calculated percentage.

Octoblock’s other initiatives to propel it to the top 100 include the Coral Cove DEX initiative, seeking interoperability across diverse platforms. Octoblock seeks a user-oriented secure platform where transfers, conversions, and settlements would be seamless.

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