30 Inspirational Quotes About female aries quotes


“The woman who is looking is not the one who is looking at.

“Look at this shit, man.” — The man who is looking is not the one who is looking at.

That’s right, we’ve all been there. You’ve been looking at your exes and thinking they’re gone forever. But then you look at them and they look different. They’ve been wearing glasses. You’ve been hearing the sound of your exes’ voices. You’ve seen them in public. All that changes, and suddenly you feel like you don’t have anything to look at anymore. The man who is looking at is the one who is looking at.

I mean, look at how I’m always looking at you and not at your exes. I’m not trying to be a bitch here, but I think you should be mad at him too.

When you have a new lover, you can feel them as an extension of you. You can see yourself in them. You can feel them as if theyre your own person. They can feel their own emotions too. But when you’re with an ex, you don’t know how that feels. You don’t even know youre with them. It feels like theyre not really even there anymore. Theyre just a memory.

This is the second chapter of my novel, ’till then, all the rest of the reviews will be for the novel itself. I’m sure you’ve heard of it already, but I’m giving you a little background on the author, and I thought you might like to know how the story came to be. It’s a story about a woman who wakes up one morning and finds herself in a life that she never knew, but has been programmed to accept.

The author, Lauren Wimmer is a freelance writer and self-described “nerd nerd.” Wimmer grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where her father worked as a dentist. After graduating from college, she moved to the Midwest to pursue a career in writing. She’s currently working on a novel set in the same world as her short stories and essays. The book is called The Night People, which is set in the same universe as her earlier short stories.

And now for the other quote, this one comes from Wimmer’s new ebook, The Night People: An Anthology of Short Fiction. The Night People is available from Amazon here.

The Night People is an ebook anthology of short stories, edited by Wimmers. The Night People is also available on Kindle and iTunes.

Another quote from Wimmers new ebook is this one: I am a child of my mother. I am the child.

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