June20 , 2024

Raffle Coin Sets Stage for Explosive Growth, Despite CRO & ARB’s Market Volatility


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Outside of the raffle space, many investors in Arbitrum and Cronos give priority to the Raffle Coin’s presale in order to get the next 30X investment. Their incredible staking terms have caught the attention of many professional investors. They are trying to move their funds from Cronos and Arbitrum projects to new endeavors providing higher passive revenue.

Arbitrum’s Recent Movement 

When analyzed technically, ARB’s recent price actions show positive signals of recovery and prospective expansion. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator. After emerging from oversold areas, there has been an uptrend towards the 50 level on the 4-hour chart. This development could signal the beginning of an upward price trend. This opinion is further supported by the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator. MACD shows that the histogram is above the zero line and that both the MACD and signal lines are rising.

The bull and bear power histogram on the 1-hour chart. The chart displays buyer dominance in the market with values stationed above the zero line. It lends even more credence to the optimistic view. The current buyer enthusiasm may lead to an increase in the price of ARB. However, there are still barriers in the way. Notably, resistance levels are around $1.799 and $2.278, preventing further gains. If ARB cannot continue its upward trajectory, it might retreat to lower support levels. It might test the $1.00 barrier once more.

Cronos’ Recent Trends 

Crosnos’, also known as, is currently fighting to get back to where it started a month ago, looking likely to succeed. Right now, the biggest issue with Cronos is that the crypto market isn’t looking the strongest, and investors fear that it will affect the price of Cronos. Being up 3.15% today, Cronos’ price of $0.145 is looking up to the market standards. Analyzing its monthly chart, Cronos shows a nice uptrend, which might keep going in the following days. Not much can be said about Cronos’ current situation, with many crypto experts staying silent on the topic.

Why Raffle Coin?

Raffle Coin can be the greatest option for all Arbitrum and Cronos investors because it offers a big pool of prizes that include cryptocurrency, cars, trips, clothing, and many other things. They take great pride in eliminating KYC verification, and their network is decentralized. The coin has amazing tokenomics, with 60% of the tokens released during the presale and 10% reserved for staking. You can become a VIP club member and get many advantages with just $10,000 down. It’s encouraging to hear that the audit was finished, the team tokens have been locked for two years, and the liquidity has been permanently secured. Raffle Coin has a lot of promise even if it doesn’t become a well-known cryptocurrency in the future.

Check out the official website of Raffle Coin to find out more here.