17 Reasons Why You Should Ignore funny things to say when someone is copying you


I have a great friend who is always copying me. She is the best, though. And this is a great list of things to say to people so they don’t copy you and then say about you to make them jealous.

So, being a good friend is really all about being kind. Even if you know that you’re being annoying, or disrespectful, or even worse, mean. Being a good friend means being understanding, caring, and caring about your friends. And if you can’t be good at being a good friend, then you shouldn’t be friends with anyone.

This is how I feel about people copying me. And I dont care how many times you say this. I dont care if you want to be friends and have a good time. But it doesnt stop you from copying me. And it will eventually stop you from being a good friend.

If you are not a good friend, then you shouldn’t be friends with anyone, even if they copy you. And people who are not cool with copying you shouldnt be friends with anyone. That should be your goal.

I know I shouldn’t be friends with anyone, but I dont care. And I know you shouldn’t be friends with anyone, and I know you shouldnt be friends with anyone if you are not cool with it, but you still have to be friends with me.

That’s the thing about copying someone though. The reason why I’m saying this is because if it’s that bad for you, then it’s that bad for everyone else too. If it’s that bad for you, then someone who copied you is a potential friend. They are even more likely to be a good friend because they probably won’t be bad for you.

The things that people copy others are the things that are most likely to be hurtful to the original. We can all agree that if someone copies something off of you, and then they make a whole bunch of money off it, that is a bad thing. But it doesn’t have to be that bad. The fact that you copied someone is not that bad. You took your time to copy someone, and you still have a lot of time left to do what needs to be done.

If you want to copy someone, you can either try to copy them on purpose, or you can try to work on copying someone. The point is that you will feel bad if you try to change someone’s intentionality. However, if you copy someone for the wrong reasons, you can still get your revenge. If you copy someone to get a friend back, you are probably just going to hurt that friend, and you are going to miss out on a lot of good things.

Copying someone is a lot like bullying, except that someone is doing it for their own reasons, and you don’t feel bad about it because you may or may not have taken down that friend. If you copy someone because they have the wrong attitude, that usually means good things are going to happen. If you copy them to make friends, you are likely to lose friends. It really depends on what you are doing, and who you are trying to copy.

If you are copying someone to make friends, you are probably going to gain friends. You may not, however, be in a position to tell them this. The good news is that the bad news is that people have a habit of copying you. You may find yourself stuck in this cycle and wish you could just throw a bunch of copies of yourself at these people so that they can have some fun.

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