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I hope you love this beer as much as I do. But, if you ever want to support me in my quest to create a better world, why not buy a bottle? They are on sale now for $50 and I’m donating the profits to charity. Just click the link below to buy a bottle or $50 (plus taxes and a $2 shipping fee) and support my mission.

There’s a ton of good beer out there, but one drink from a well-made brew can be all you need to start a night of drinking with your friends. In fact, the best beer to drink while you are on your journey to better yourself is a beer that makes you feel good. In this case, that’s a craft beer. You know why? Because it tastes good, and it works like a charm.

The folks at Devil’s Backbone Brewing & Spirits are working hard to help the homeless, the underprivileged, and the depressed drink better beer this holiday season. They offer two new beers: Devil’s Backbone Ale and Devil’s Backbone Stout. They’ve released Devil’s Backbone Stout in a special limited release, and are now offering Devil’s Backbone Ale on draft.

Devils Backbone Ale is a wheat beer brewed with rye, coriander, dill and caraway seeds. The beer has a flavor of honey, earthy hops, and floral malt. The beer’s flavor is a bit similar to a wheat ale from New Belgium.

Devils Backbone Stout is brewed with roasted whole barley, roasted malt, caraway seeds, coriander, dill and a small amount of cocoa nibs. The beer has a flavor of roasted barley and spice with a bit of roasted malt. The beers flavor is similar to a Belgian-style porter.

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company is a small brewery based out of Chicago, Illinois. At 5,500 square feet it is the smallest brewery in the world. The company also brews a Belgian-style ale called Devil’s Backbone Stout. Devil’s Backbone is brewed using only organic ingredients. It is gluten free and kosher. Devil’s Backbone is brewed with 100% whole wheat beer. The beer is brewed using a traditional three-part yeast fermentation process.

Devil’s Backbone is brewed with a traditional three-part yeast fermentation process. This involves using a starter, a primary fermentation yeast, and a secondary fermentation yeast. All of these yeast cultures are separated from the beer by vacuum filtration to eliminate any carryover yeast.

I don’t get it. How can it be gluten-free and kosher. It looks like the beer you’d take to a doctor’s office to make a blood test? That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

So my friend and I spent a couple hours last night talking about what makes Devil’s Backbone so good. It’s yeast-based, it’s gluten-free, it’s kosher, and it’s made with organic ingredients. The only thing I can figure is that these guys have figured out a way to get their yeast to ferment more efficiently without having to use as much sugar. The result is a beer that’s delicious and smooth and has the taste of a true beer.

I don’t know much about the beer industry, but I’m pretty sure that a yeast-based beer is not made with hops that is extracted from the hop plant. That wouldn’t be the best way to make a beer, but then again, I’m not a beer expert.

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