11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your black mussels vs green mussels


Although green mussels are the most common mussel species to be found in the Mediterranean, black mussels are very similar in color to green mussels. Both black and green mussels can grow to a size of about 2 inches.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has managed to grow black mussels in the Mediterranean? The black mussels that I’ve seen seem to be smaller and more delicate than those you might find in the US.

There seems to be no good reason to grow them in the Mediterranean, unless you are trying to make a very large amount of money from the sea. If you live in the US, you can grow them in your backyard, but they do not look good or smell good when you fry them. The best place for them is in your fish tank.

Green mussels are a bit trickier. The key is to get them to grow on a piece of glass and have it not be too thick. If they don’t, they will be prone to browning and not take the salt out of the water, which will kill them.

Green mussels are not as easy to grow, though. They take a lot of patience and are not really worth it. And if you do, they are pretty hard to fry, they get mushy as soon as you put them in the pan, and they can taste a bit unpleasant. They are a really versatile food, though, and there are a lot of recipes out there that they can be used in.

Green mussels are really easy to grow and are actually really tasty. If you want to have them, though, you might want to add salt to them, or add a bit of sugar to make them sweeter. They can also be used in cooking, and a lot of recipes call for them.

Green mussels are actually a little harder to grow than black mussels, but you can still grow them pretty easily. They will take over the kitchen sink if you are growing them right, but if you don’t want to disturb them they can be grown on your windowsill.

They are actually a lot easier to grow than black mussels. The easiest way to grow them is to just put them in water and let them grow. Once they grow to a little size, you can either eat them whole or rinse them off the inside of your food container. There are two main reasons to use them in recipes. One is they are more nutritious than the regular mussels, and the other is they are easier to peel off the shell without damaging the rest of the mussel.

The two main ingredients in black mussels are the shell and the black meat. The shell is quite hard to peel and can be a bit tedious, unless you have the patience. It’s actually pretty much the same thing as the black mussels we cooked in last season. The black meat is actually quite tasty though. The green mussels are actually a lot easier to peel. In the first part of this recipe they will have a soft shell and a hard, fibrous one.

The green mussels are great for snacking (and a good source of protein). The shell of the black mussels is actually actually more nutritious, it doesn’t contain all the nutrients found in the orange and red ones, just enough to keep you full for a long time.

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