This Week’s Top Stories About popping cooking


The pop on the bottom of the oven door is my favorite sound to wake up to when I’m at home and I want to start cooking.

But what if I don’t have that oven? I know, I know. The pop is there, but I’m thinking of cooking something else.

After a long day of work, and a long day of traveling, Im happy to have a few hours to myself, just to do anything I want. But when I get the chance to do laundry, and eat a meal, and spend time with my family (which Im missing quite a bit right now!), then I want that pop.

This is one of those pop-and-smell thingies that’s so counterintuitive that we get excited about it. But when you look at it, it’s really as simple as the sound that makes you feel like you have a chance to start cooking. If you don’t know how to cook, well, the recipe books would be your best friend. But when you have a few hours all to yourself, you need to start cooking.

I think that cooking is one of those things that people have to have an idea of how to do before they start to truly feel comfortable with it. The reason we are even talking about this is because the two most popular methods of cooking in our household are the microwave and the oven. The microwave is used for quick, low-volume meals and the oven is used for higher-volume meals.

Both are great for cooking when you don’t have time to plan ahead. But I think there are two main reasons why you shouldn’t just rely on the microwave for cooking. First, you can’t trust the oven. I think if I were to cook something in the microwave I would be in trouble because I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m not going to use the oven to cook the same thing twice.

The second reason is if you mess up, you can mess up in a way that it wont work the next time you use it. If you mess up on the stove, you can mess up in the oven, and you cant mess up in the microwave. If you go out to dinner and mess up on the stove, you can mess up on the oven, and your food is ruined.

To prevent himself from accidentally destroying his food he decides to pop the oven door open, but he does it as a joke. I like that he decides to pop the oven door and not because he is trying to kill himself. What it does is make us think he’s trying to lighten the mood, but he is in the wrong. If he were trying to lighten the mood, he would have popped the darn oven door.

So where does that leave us? There are two possibilities, and both are pretty fun to think about. Either the microwave is actually a time machine and this is just a joke, or maybe we’re not actually in a time loop and this was just a very stupid joke. I think we’ve got to go with the microwave. Its time travel ability is great, and the oven door isn’t anything to be overly worried about.

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