eggnog ganache


This version of ganache is a delicious way to introduce the flavors of eggnog into your evening ritual.

In the old days, eggnog was a drink based on the ingredients for the original drink, made with vanilla and spices. You wouldn’t typically serve your eggnog with this version, since you’d want to add some sugar to the mix. But in this version, you add toffee (and possibly some rum), and the result is a dessert that tastes like a little bit of your favorite eggnog.

You’re probably thinking that this recipe isnt really for you, but that’s because it’s for the eggnog ganache. Its the other way around. The eggnog ganache, its a version of eggnog that’s sweetened with caramel, and it’s served on top of some vanilla ice cream.

Eggnog ganache is a recipe that goes way beyond just “sweetened with caramel and vanilla ice cream.” This is a recipe that adds chocolate, and some coconut flavoring, and some rum, and some vanilla, and some salt. Its not just sweet, its not just a little bit of caramel or vanilla, it is the sum of all things.

Its a dessert that is so good, you will feel like you’re actually eating a cookie. It’s sweet, it’s rich, it’s satisfying, and it is so much more than ice cream. It is a delicious, healthy treat that I highly recommend.

Not just a dessert, but a recipe for an entire meal. This meal is a great first course for parties, a great first course for a date, a great first course for your next vacation, or an excellent first course for a birthday. If you want to get really super specific, I can totally see this being served on a platter for the main course of a meal.

This is a recipe for a sweet, rich, and decadent treat that I can imagine would be perfect for every member of every holiday. This is also a recipe for a great first course for your next vacation. As for a second course, it is a great recipe for a great meal or it could be a great dessert.

The best thing about this recipe is that it is so simple to make. The only thing you should do is to add a dash of sugar to the eggnog mixture and it will make a yummy and bubbly, chocolately drink. The amount of sugar you will need is not that much and it will still have enough sweetness to balance out the strong flavor of the eggnog.

I can’t say that I’ve ever had this recipe. It’s one of those things that I just have to see it and then I’m hooked.

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